Bantam Scale
Stampede Resin Castings
Introducing a brand new scale model horses! BANTAM scale!! These little beauties are sized exactly between Stablemate and Micro horses. They stand an average of 1 7/8 inches tall. The best part is even thought they are tiny, they have all the detail, quality and sculptural expertise you expect.

The original sculptures were prototypes for an OF resin that was to be produced in China. Two of each horse were cast and painted in China and shown by Candy in live shows. Both earned multiple NAN cards and one earned a Top Ten at NAN in 2001.

Because of their popularity, Candace decided to do a limited edition resin run of each horse. They are now being cast and offered for sale at $50 each in raw plus $5 shipping/insurance.

Rap Sheet (shown in dapple grey) is a TB mare in a jog trot, Kahn (shown in dapple bay) is a TB stallion in a soft canter. Each resin has a small base and a wire armature for added strength. Each edition will be limited to the life of the mold, approx. 50 pieces each.
Rap Sheet
Examples of Kahn and Rap Sheet painted by Candy Liddy
Master List
Little Bit
Some painted with NAN cards available for sale.  E-mail or call Candace for details.

What's left of the edition:  Two painted Kahns, one painted Rap and one primed Rap.  These are the very last of the edition!