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Micro Minis
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OIL, Single Image                  Double Image
18 x 24  ........$450.00            18 x 24 ........$650.00
24 x 36  ........$850.00            24 x 36........$1150.00
36 x 48  ........$1500.00           36 x 48........$2100.00

Acrylic, Single Image               Double Image
18 x 24  ........$350.00            18 x 24 ........$500.00
24 x 36  ........$600.00            24 x 36 ........$750.00
36 x 48  ........$1000.00           36 x 48 ........$1250.00

-Sample sizes shown, others sizes available
-Single Image refers to 1 head-study or full body study, Double Image refers to 2 animals or 1 head-study and 1 smaller body study on the same canvas etc. The design options are up to the purchaser and can be done in many ways.
-Suggested backgrounds are plain or scumbled color, simple landscape or if preferred, full landscape with or without buildings of your choice.

What do you need to have a commission done? If the animal/animals is within a reasonable distance of the artist, I will do the necessary sketches and measurements from the animal itself. If the animal is far away or deceased, I can work from photos and I will send you a chart to measure the horse for it's conformation angles, or I will measure off photos. Backyard and regular photos are fine because they show the animal relaxed and natural, basically the way you see him at home. I just need to see color and markings, how the ears are shaped and held, how the horse is put together etc. Keep in mind that they don't have to be perfect photos or even show the entire horse in each one. Lots of different ones that help me put the horse together work fine, head shots, side views etc. Magazine photos are great to help you decide on a pose, cut out the one that you would like to see you horse placed in and send it with the photos. I will do the assembly and send you a line drawing of the design. When you have OK'd that, I will proceed with the painting.

Single animals, without riders, 8"to 10" tall start at $1500.00
Single animals, with riders and/or equipment, 8" to 10"start at $1950.00
Additional animals, add $1000.00 per animal
Single animals, without rider, 12' to 14" tall start at $2500.00
Single animals, with riders and/or equipment, 12' to 14', start at $3000.00
Additional animals, add $1500.00 per animal

-Includes all molding and mounting costs. Does not include shipping of pieces or site preparation and site mounting for large indoor or outdoor pieces.
-Many other sizes are possible. I would be glad to Quote on your individual needs.Larger sizes and more complex pieces are also quoted on an individual basis, including life size and monument size pieces.
-A bronze commission is done basically the same as a painting commission as far as what I need in the way of reference material. See the Details listed under Paintings. For site specific or design specific pieces, I will need photos or sketches to proceed with maquettes. Client will receive photos of waxes in the small sizes and maquettes in larger sizes for approval before molding or casting.

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